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Streamline Your HR Processes with a cloud based HR Information System

Are you tired of managing your HR records manually, whether it's through paper-based documentation or spreadsheets? Are you overwhelmed with the time-consuming tasks of handling paper-based time sheets and holiday requests?

We understand the burden these manual processes can place on your business, and that's why we offer a cloud based HR Information Software (HRIS) for SMEs as part of our services.

In addition, we can project manage the implementation of cloud based HR software for larger enterprises enabling you to streamline your data management, enhance efficiency, ensure compliance, and unlock valuable insights for your business.

We partner with a number of HR software providers, so can help you select and implement the right system for your business.

Click here to read our introductory guide to HR software for more information on what it can do for your business!

It really is a game-changer!

The short answer is, if you employee people, then Yes!

We understand choosing a new software for your business can be a time-consuming task – especially when it comes to HR software.

How do you know you need HR software? What solutions are available? How much does it cost? And how do you know your employee data will be kept safe?

It goes without saying that this process can be an overwhelming one – particularly if you’re a small business and have never used HR software before.

That’s where Breathe can help.

We're proud to be a Breathe accredited partner

And it starts at just £18 per month (for businesses with between 1 - 10 people) for the Core module.
The system is scalable so you can start with the Core module and as your business grows, you can purchase additional modules:
Do small businesses really need an HR System?

Breathe's mission is to help SMEs save valuable time and stress, by managing people-related tasks with one integrated easy-to-use and cost-effective system.

Use the system to:

  • manage holiday requests

  • monitor sickness

  • store documents in one place

  • streamline HR tasks

  • manage performance & recognise achievements

  • track where your team are working

  • approve expenses

  • upskill your team with online learning

  • streamline your recruitment process

  • integrates with Xero Payroll

And it's:

  • ISO27001 accredited

  • GDPR-compliant

  • Quick & easy to implement!

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For larger enterprises

If you are an organisation with over 250 employees or are looking to grow, there is a wide variety of modern and intuitive cloud based HR software on the market.

Choosing the right system for your organisation can be time consuming. We can help you with vendor selection, ensuring that the system you choose provides all the functionality you need, as well as being a great cultural fit.

We can then work with your HR team to manage the implementation and roll out of the system, supporting them every step of the way.

Want to find out more about HR systems and how they can change your life?